4 Tips for Choosing a Water Fountain for your Cat

You must be wondering why a cat would need a water fountain. The interesting thing is that water fountain can keep your cat healthy. When there is running water, your cat will drink more water and so will remain in good health. Best water fountains for cats are easy to clean and you can refill them easily as well. If you are thinking of getting a water fountain for your cat, then here are some tips for you.


Consider the types of bowl

Your cat can be choosy about the type of bowls. Some cat likes stainless steel bowl, whereas some like the plastic one. The water fountain also has bowls made of different types of materials. So, choose one that your cat prefers. For example, if your cat is used to drinking from plastic bowls, then buy a water fountain that has a plastic bowl. Otherwise, your cat may not drink from the water fountain at all. You also need to see if your cat has worms in cats or any skin problem like acne. In such case, you must use stainless steel or ceramic fountain. These materials will stop the growth of bacteria. If you buy plastic fountain then the acne problem of your cat may get worse.

Consider the water capacity

You will find water fountains in various capacities. Depending on how much water your cat drinks every day and how many cats you have in your home, you should choose the water fountain.

Types of filter systems

You can choose from gravity, multistage filtration system or charcoal filter system. Each type of filter system has its unique features. The gravity type produces little noise compared to the other water fountains. So, many people prefer it as the sound doesn’t scare the cat. However, it can get messy as water is most likely to spill during refilling the fountain. Charcoal filters are difficult to clean. You may also need to change the filter frequently. Do some research before choosing one that will be most appropriate for your cat.

Ease of cleaning

You must buy something that is easy to clean. You need to clean the water fountain weekly and you should get something that doesn’t cause any hassle to clean. The units of the water fountain should be easily disassembled and reassembled. The components must be dishwasher safe.

You must ensure always that your cat is properly hydrated throughout the day. If your cat’s water intake is a concern for you then you should buy a water fountain. This fountain is designed in such a way that your cat will get access to fresh water every day. The fountain uses continuous flow design that makes the water well oxygenated. Excellent filter system is in place to ensure that your cat gets freshly filtered water all the time. Water fountains can be expensive, but they are worth buying. You should clean the water fountain on a regular basis using soap and water. You need to change the filter at times as well to make sure that you get clean water. A water fountain can guarantee that your cat won’t suffer from dehydration and will be healthy all the time.

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