7 Ways to Train your Cat to use the Automatic Litter Box

Training a cat to use the litter can take time. Now that you get best self cleaning litter box in the market, you need to retrain your cat to use the new litter box. Well, though the task might seem like climbing a mountain you will no longer have to take the trouble to clean the litter box every time. You can also keep your house clean. No matter how excited you are in getting an automatic litter box for your cat, it will actually be a nasty surprise for your pet at the beginning. You need to use the following techniques so that your cat gets used to using the automatic litter box.


Let your cat investigate freely

For many years your cat might have used the traditional litter box. So, it will take time for him to get adjusted to the new object in the house. The automatic litter box whirls round and makes a sound. This may frighten the cat in the beginning. So, don’t be upset if you see your cat scared in front of the automatic litter box. Let your cat examine and sniff the litter box. Once he realizes that there’s nothing to fear, he will start using it.

Set it beside the old litter box

You should set the new automatic litter box right beside your old one, without turning it on. After few days, you should turn it on so that the cat gets familiar with the movement and sound of the box. You should then dump some litter into the new box so that the cat smells the litter. He will then be inclined to use the new litter.

Don’t remove the old litter box yet

You shouldn’t remove the old litter before your cat gets used to the new one. Otherwise, he might throw his litter on the ground and make your house unclean. You should let your cat use the new box for weeks before you take the old litter box away.

Don’t wash the old litter box

If you see that your cat is still not interested in the new litter box, then stop cleaning the old litter box. This way the old litter box will become unattractive. He might then try out the new one out of curiosity.

Clean the new litter box manually if needed

Your cat might defecate or pee at the corner of the box. In such case, the box won’t get cleaned automatically. So, you need to manually place the litter in the center so that it gets cleaned automatically. If the litter gets stuck, your cat might not use it again.

Use treats

You can place different types of treats in the step of the litter. You can praise your cat or give positive gesture when he goes near the new litter box. Positive reinforcement can make your cat use the new box.

Use ‘Cat Attract’

It is a special type of litter that attracts the cat. You can place them on the new litter box. Your cat will move towards the new box in no time.

The automatic litter box saves time in cleaning. It is easy to use as well. So, even if you have several cats at home, you won’t have any trouble maintaining the hygiene of your house. Before you train your cat for using the new litter box, you should make sure that your cat is not sick or having diarrhea. If your cat is shy or stubborn, it might take some time to train your cat. However, you will eventually achieve your goal. You will find different kinds of automatic litter boxes in the market. The sizes and functions may be different. Do some online research and read user reviews before you buy an automatic litter box for your cat.

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