We started writing this blog in 2012. Within this short period of time we have thousands of visitors every month. It is one of the most visited blogs on cats and dogs. If you have a pet-related product that you want to advertise, you can use our platform to do so. We offer the following advertising choices to our clients.

Banner ads

Your ad will be displayed in rotation with other ads on the top and side of the page. The cost of this type of ad depends on the size of the banner and the location. The top location is the most prominent one and so is the most expensive as well. We usually rotate the ad for 2 weeks. After that, you will need to renew the contract.

Sponsored reviews

Pet owners look for reviews that they can trust. Our writers are great at writing reviews for pet-related products. They can highlight your products’ best features and make the product look attractive to the readers.


You can sponsor the different events we organize. We have contests and workshops on pets. By sponsoring these events you will be able to take your products or services to targeted customers. Those people who participate in our events are genuinely interested in these products and services.

In order to get a free quotation regarding our advertising options please write to us. We are looking forward to working with you.